In restaurants or industrial/ community kitchens, during food cooking phases, fats, pollutants and unpleasant smells are generated; this may be disputed by authorities and give often rise of legal issues with the neighborhood.
Applied inside kitchen hoods, UV-STYLO-S contributes significantly to minimize these problems; fats are carbon and hydrogen compounds, with a structure made of complex chains.
If fats are exposed to an intense UV-C irradiation, they absorb part of this powerful energy, and molecules, placed in a higher energy state, become more reactive. For this reason they recombine with oxygen present in the air.
This process causes a particular and immediate chemical reaction, the “cold combustion”. Results of this reaction are organic and odorless short chain gases, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), water, etc.., normally present in air.
So the air filtered by UV-STYLO-S during normal cooking, reduces the formation and deposits of fat and the consequent risk of fires, limiting also the growth of molds that feed usually on fats.
UV-STYLO-S reduces the need of aspiration system cleaning and maintenance, extend filters’ life but, more importantly, offers the possibility to work safely.
UV-STYLO-S uses UV-C lamps and/or UV-C+O3 (Ozone) lamps, and it is the firts device in the market that can handle ozone or ozone-free lamps, alternatively or even combined together, according to clients’ needs.
In these kind of applications, UV power is often enough to reach great results, but ozone, persisting in air for few seconds before turning in simple oxygen, maximizes UV-C performances.

UV-STYLO-S includes:

UV-STYLO-S is installed directly inside the aspiration system, also providing a plenum (ducts enlargement).
Its compact sizes and easy fixing allow you to apply the device in project or even retro-fit phase.
After making a hole on the duct wall, you just need to insert the UV-C emitting lamp through this hole and screw its flange on the external surface of the suction duct, without any complication.
The module is designed to be mounted alternatively or together with Light Progress special TiOx® filter, coated with nano-structured titanium dioxide and silver salts (optional) that, in combination with the very high UVC power emitted by lamps, is an excellent photo-catalyst that degrades pollutants and organic and inorganic compounds (SOV, NOx and VOC volatile organic compounds, nitrogen oxides).
TiOx® filter performs further oxidation of polluting particles, and contributes significantly to the deodorizing action of UVC.
The special materials used for UV-STYLO-S ensures IP 40 protection, high temperatures (45/50 °C) resistance, as well as endurance to fats.